Open Sex In Memphis Night Club
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Open Sex In Memphis Night Club

Most people would admit that they have done somethings they wish they had never did. I would be in that number myself; however what went on inside of Club Elements in South East Memphis would make Hugh Hefner close his eyes.
I am originally from Memphis and what happened at this club is not indicative of the "Bluff City". A video has gone viral on the Internet and on Worldstar Hip Hop and has over 1.2 million hits.
After one of my relatives from Memphis contacted me and asked had I heard about or seen the response was no to both. since I author a blog and host a talk show, I generally don't miss many breaking news events or hot topics.
Well, after viewing the video, this is one I wish I hadn't heard about or seen. I have witness a number of things in my lifetime; however this one ranks in the top if not number one of the most disturbing things.
Action News 5 in Memphis broke this news...see their report on this public display of Romanesque behavior that would make Roman orgies of earlier times seem tame!
(WMC-TV) – An obscene video made in Memphis is going viral.  In less than 24 hours, it caught the attention of angry residents, the mayor, and district attorney general.
The video, which was shot at a Memphis club, is very graphic.  It is so graphic that we cannot show all of it.  The graphic nature of what is going on inside the club prompted the district attorney to investigate.
"That video is horrible.  It really is.  I mean young girls," stated Samantha Brown, who was shocked by the video.
The video shows sex acts shot in Club Elements on Winchester.  The video is making its way all over the Internet and Twitter.
"I have watched the video.  We are well aware of it and we are looking into it," said District Attorney Amy Weirich.
Weirich said the video shows lewd behavior that falls under the nuisance statute.
The party was organized by Team Taboo, who rented Club Elements.  Action News 5 learned the parties are held in different locations around Memphis.  Club Elements is in a strip mall on Winchester.  It shares the lot with Big Lots and other businesses.  And it is just east of the World Overcomers Church.
No one who works in the strip mall wanted to talk with Action News 5 on camera, however, one man came up to our crew and said the next party is this weekend down the street.  He also said if we gave him $60, he would tell us where.  We did not give him the $60.
No one came to the locked door when our crews knocked.  We called Team Taboo's CEO Datrin Delaney.  He said he had some engagements and would call back.
Memphis Films shot the video.  Toria Davidson who owns that company said he shoots club and music videos.  The Club Elements party was his first encounter with Team Taboo.
"We were just shocked," Davidson said.  He also said he is done with Team Taboo.  "I just think I'm just going to stick with music videos and stay away from this point blank period."
Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton knows about the video.  He said it will be investigated. The CEO of Team Taboo never returned our calls.
Editorial Continued:
In addition to viewing the video, I read through the comments posted on  ,  it was surprising at the number comments that supported this type of OPEN behavior. Many people were giving "kudos" to the City of Memphis for being a source of inspiration for the activity that went on inside Club Elements. What is NOT surprising is why STD's among African American between the age of 16-30 is so high and increasing daily.
With total disregard for safety for themselves as well as others, youth and young adults are increasing their changes of receiving the "special package" (HIV/AIDS). While sexual freedom is one thing, sexual stupidity is another. This is the most clear case of sexual stupidity I have ever heard about or seen.
This is my thoughts on this event, what's yours...please response with your thoughts and views.

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